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  • Tenerife ... the most searched for holiday destination on the net.

  • According to the property and travel market, more people search for holidays in Tenerife than any other destination. It is also the top spot with Thomson this winter, and the second most popular destination (after New York) with Cheap Flights. So what is the attraction?
  • The simple answer: The Secret is the weather!
  • Tenerife in the Canary Islands is a very popular choice for tourists, property buyers and holiday-makers who are looking for somewhere in the sun to spend their time. The island, although part of Spain, lies off the coast of North Africa and generally enjoys good temperatures all year round - in fact the Canaries have often been referred to as the "islands of the blessed."
  • Tenerife's main mountain, Mt Teide, is the highest mountain in Spain and offers some truly out-of this world scenery that looks more like Mars or the Moon. Some of Mt Teide's volcanic rocky slopes and plains were chosen as the locations for the filming of science fiction films such as Barbarella and Planet of the Apes.
  • There are forests too, of Canarian pine (Pinus canariensis) and also of assorted evergreen trees and shrubs that form what is known as "laurisilva" forest. The mountains hattract clouds that give the trees and other plants the moisture they need and also create a unique natural habitat where lichens hang down from the mossy branches and ferns grow below. Aguamansa is one mountain village where unique forest like this can be seen. Many extremely rare plants and animals live in the mountains of Tenerife, and nowhere else on Earth!
  • Tenerife has two airports, the busier international airport in the south (TFS) is "Reina Sofia" and the airport in the north (TFN) is "Los Rodeos" and more commonly used by Spanish and Scandanavian services. Tenerife Sur airport lies about 60 kilometres from the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the town of Granadilla de Abona, in the south of the island, in the heart of the tourist area.
  • The culture of Tenerife is primarily that of the Spanish which control the area.  However, Tenerife culture is also heavily influenced by the Guanches tribal culture which originally inhabited the island, the rich history and traditions of the Canary Islands as a whole, and the travel culture which has become increasingly important to the area in recent years.
  • The island of Tenerife was originally inhabited by the ancient, and now extinct, tribal culture known as the Guanches.   The Guanches were a primitive people with a complex way of life, including a system of polyandry for (in which women took multiple husbands) and an autocratic government.   It is believed that women were highly respected in this culture, and this can be seen today in the culture of Tenerife.
  • Tenerife was conquered by the Spanish, which is where the primary influence on the culture of the area derives from.  The Spanish culture is a machismo culture which interacts interestingly with the importance of women in the Guanches culture.  Primarily, this interaction has been one in which the dominant male culture sublimated the female culture until very recent years.  In recent years, interest in women’s rights, along with the rights of minorities, has grown strong in the area and attention to the female-centered and minority-based original culture of the area has grown strong.  This creates a dynamic energy in the area and makes it a hotspot for literature, academia and the arts.
  • Tenerife enjoys one of the world's best climates normally found only on huge continents. Featuring the lowest temperature difference between summer and winter. The average winter temperature is 22ºC and the average summer temperature is 28ºC.
  • The weather in Tenerife stays moderate throughout the year, making it a perfect travel destination for those visitors seeking a winter holiday hot spot as well as for those travelers who are planning trips which coincide with spring and summer breaks from school and work.  In general, the northern part of the island is more cool and wet than the southern part of the island.
  • The busy season in Tenerife is generally in the winter, with December through February being the peak travel months.  The most of tourists coming at this time are those seeking to get away from their cold homes in other parts of the world, and the crowd tends to be an older crowd, established enough in their professions to be able to get away at this time of year.  There is another busy season in Tenerife during the summer months, from approximately May through October, and this busy season is comprised of a younger crowd, with a mixture of college-age kids and young families making up the bulk of the tourists. 

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